Wendy Whitley –Mini Bio

Dr. Wendy Whitley is an ethical leader who is committed to cultivating sustainable systems of equity in learning organizations. She has extensive experience using culturally responsive school leadership practices to reimagine inclusive school environments. Dr. Whitley is a racial equity and justice advocate who fosters spaces where individuals and organizations can be vulnerable, learn together, and dream of a liberated world where all can show up fully as themselves. In her role with WEFA, she designs workshops that bring together practitioners from different fields to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding disrupting inequitable practices and creating adaptive environments that promote continuous improvement frameworks to sustain systems of equity. She brings mindfulness and restorative practices to these offerings to foster the presence, wellness, and self-compassion needed for sustainable equity work.

She currently serves as a statewide educational leader who supports continuous improvement efforts that create systems to positively impact educator practice and student outcomes. She is a licensed Principal, Director of Instruction, and Superintendent (expected July 2023) in the state of Wisconsin. Previously, she served as an equity and inclusion school district leader, high school administrator, and corporate trainer. She is passionate about education and believes that achieving racial equity worldwide is a critical first step in the global fight for justice.

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