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Leaders In The 21st Century Are Always At Intersections Where Worlds Are Colliding 

Intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, ableism, environmental justice...

Leaders Are In Crisis at These Very Dangerous, Crowded and Noisy Intersections...

And they must stay awake! How to stay awake, negotiate and transform these intersections is the challenge of ethical leadership. Click For More...

Leaders of the new century must not only be aware of environmental realities that shape the challenges and issues that they must confront. They must also be aware of the inner environments that shape character, civility, and a sense of community.

Leaders who are not awake, who are unaware of the elements that often drive behavior & action are increasingly in very vulnerable circumstances...

...and can endanger the mission of a team, organization and very large numbers of people, including nations.

Ethical leadership at these intersections begins in the personal and private sphere, a place of the convergence of dreams, aspirations, ideals, and hopes. Click For More...

This place is not merely psychological or social but profoundly spiritual. Therefore, ethical leadership must begin from within. Ethical leadership at these intersections requires being in community with others; there is no such thing as an isolated, individual leader. In fact, rabid individualism attached to power and money is at the heart of our national and global challenges and creates confusion and perpetuates a frightened citizenry.

At these intersections leaders must look, listen, & learn; & discern, deliberate & decide on appropriate ethical actions that are grounded in character, civility, & community which are the foundations of our work of forming leaders.

We believe that for a good society to exist, persons in responsible leadership roles must decide based on ethical guides ...

That is why our founder has engaged with leaders for over three decades with global recognition.

Walter Earl Fluker

Dr. Fluker serves as Dean’s Professor of Spirituality, Ethics, and Leadership at Candler School of Theology at Emory University; Professor Emeritus of Ethical Leadership (formerly the Martin Luther King, Jr Chair) and the editor of the Howard Thurman Papers Project at Boston University.

Howard Thurman Papers Project

Dr. Fluker is editor and director of the Howard Thurman Papers Project at Boston University. Founded in 1992, the mission of the Howard Thurman Papers Project is to preserve and promote Thurman’s vast documentary record, which spans 63 years and consists of approximately 58,000 items of correspondence, sermons, unpublished writings, and speeches.

Global Leadership

The founding executive director of the Leadership Center (renamed Andrew Young Center) for Global Leadership at Morehouse College, Dr. Fluker is a featured consultant, speaker, lecturer and workshop leader at foundations, businesses, corporations, colleges, universities, governmental and religious institutions, nationally and globally.


Come along and learn why our Ethical Leadership Toolkit provides critical resources & methodologies to develop a new generation of leaders who are...

  • Emotionally & Socially Whole 

  • Spiritually Disciplined 

  • Intellectually Astute 

  • Morally Anchored

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