Onaje X. O. Woodbine is a scholar and justice worker who centers the voices of marginal individuals and communities to foster a more equitable world. Drawing from a range of holistic wellness and spiritual practices, Onaje designs ethical leadership workshops that bring together athletes, coaches, and teams to engage in courageous conversations regarding the use of sports as a vehicle for self-examination and social change. Onaje is Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Religion at American University in Washington, D.C where he teaches courses in religions of the African Diaspora, the philosophy of religion, and sports and social change. He has written a nationally acclaimed book on religion, hip-hop, and street basketball, and tours the country working with high school students to bring their stories of athletic activism to the theatrical stage. Onaje believes in the power of sports to create a better future and aims to inspire athletes to become ethical leaders on and off the playing field.

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