Ken Lay is the President and Founder of Perspective Always Matters LLC, and Managing Partner with The Center For Resilience. He is a transformational executive leader with an extensive career in Fortune 50 companies. His vast multidisciplinary experience, honed across roles in technology, sales, and corporate strategy, is the foundation for his approach to resilience training, executive development, and strategic consulting. He has been recognized for fostering self-awareness and strategic insight, leading to marked improvements in leadership impact, employee engagement, and organizational effectiveness.

Ken’s strategic and tactical leadership came to the forefront during his tenure as North Carolina’s Secretary of Revenue. Amidst a fiscal storm, he spearheaded innovative public-private partnerships that bolstered the state’s revenue streams, earning national accolades for ingenuity and results.

Ken holds an MA from Teachers College, Columbia University in Social & Organizational Psychology; and a BBA from the University of Notre Dame.

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