Hazel Monae (she/her) is a Racial Equity & Leadership Development practitioner who lives, works, and creates leadership development curriculum at the intersections of anti-racism/racial equity and ethical leadership development. She is a skilled leadership development practitioner, community advocate, and adaptive leader whose teachings and practices transform systems, environments, and organizational culture. 

As the Founder and Principal Consultant of Justice Dreams, LLC, Hazel has had the honor of leading an intersectional anti-racism strategy and programming for a 35,000 person membership base; often juggling the various levels of leadership, awareness and engagement within the community. She has created a myriad of curricula that supports the deepening of racial equity practices in a variety of sectors including non-profit, philanthropy, education and for-profit groups. Her most recent work focuses on developing and implementing aligned equity visions & Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Action plans for City Government. Drawing on her work with Marshall Ganz of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Hazel brings over 12 years of strategy design, facilitative leadership and curriculum development experience as a racial equity & leadership development practitioner grounded in community organizing principles. 

Hazel is an extroverted introvert who enjoys seeing the world through travel, eating spicy food and laughing heartily. Hazel grew up in California and Nevada, USA. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Willamette University and her Master of Divinity from Boston University. She is a storyteller, a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan and a lover of freedom.

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