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Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders



Pre-College Program in Ethical Leadership Practices of Character, Civility, and Community

Emerging leaders

This facilitated program targets emerging leaders in high schools and colleges. Workshops and online courses are devoted to spirituality and ethics in leadership's formation and public performance.

The core curriculum includes meditation, reflection, lecture, group discussion, project work, athletic and artistic expression. Though wide in breadth, it is quite flexible, lending itself to customization. The training relies, in part, on lectures, presentations, and discussions to build competence in the vocabulary, habits, and practices of spirituality and ethical practices and includes art, debate, and critical thinking.

This program is open to a spectrum of practitioners, including high schools, colleges, public and private sector organizations, and faith communities. 
The three-phased program includes an Ethical Leadership Orientation; and two Ethical Leadership Institutes.

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