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“Dr. Fluker changed my life. I met him when I was an ambitious and somewhat directionless teenager, and he calmly and astutely showed me how to begin the process of truly finding myself. He suggested books I might read and always offered sage advice whenever I sought him out, but more than anything else he emphasized the importance of nourishing and centering my spirit. I learned from him that I needed to pay close attention to what was happening within me because by doing so I would wake up to possibilities that would otherwise remain submerged. I am forever grateful for his mentorship.”

–Tope Folarin

author and Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Studies

“Dr. Walter Fluker is a remarkable advisor, unlike any other I’ve known in my career as a business and community leader. He has the rare ability to apply his vast knowledge of leadership principles and practices to today’s environment of constant change, social and demographic diversity, and growing distrust of organizations of all types. Walter is a master of inquiry, and uses a commonsense approach to helping leaders identify the essence of who they are and what steps they need to take to be more effective at work and life.”

—JR Hipple

Managing Partner, SIR®

“Dr. Walter Earl Fluker is a distinguished intellectual, visionary ethical leader, and meticulous archivist. He creatively weaves together his scholarly training in theology, African American religions, philosophical ethics, and Western mythology to provide a thoughtful platform on which to explore the spiritual and ethical crisis facing humankind during this season of unprecedented upheaval, change, and uncertainty. What distinguishes Dr. Fluker from among countless other thought leaders is the depth and range of his knowledge. He can turn to the wisdom teachings of African oral traditions to explain the crisis of leadership in the twenty- first century as easily as he can retrieve the Socratic method to shed light on the intricacies of African American homiletics. His presentations are always accessible, compelling, and transformative. In fact, Dr. Fluker is one of the most charismatic and genuine thought leaders of our generation! His writings and mentorship have changed my life. As his former research assistant at Harvard Divinity School and facilitator in his summer ethical leadership program at Morehouse College, I discovered firsthand how his use of memory, imagination, and Martin Luther King, Jr. 's love ethic can provide the hope needed to build transformative political practices and the ethical habits needed to build stronger communities. His pedagogical framework informs my own teaching and scholarly research.”

—Terrence L. Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religion and Politics Department of Government & Senior Research Fellow, Berkley Center for Peace, Religion & World Affairs, Georgetown University

“As the Program Manager for the Social Status on Black Men and Boys Act (CSSBMB), I am honored to partner with Dr. Walter Fluker in advancing the priorities of the new Commission. The establishment of CSSBMB marks a historical step in the social formation of American culture. Never before in the history of the United States has there been a directive to study and propose comprehensive changes in the legislative process for black men. Joining forces with Dr. Fluker will only enable the Commission to fulfill its imperative and determine a pathway to success. I look froward to the dynamic exchange of thoughts and ideas in moving the Commission forward.”

—Marvin Williams, PhD,

CSSBMB Program Manager, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

“Walter Fluker is the most authentic, knowledgeable and experienced leader I know in the realm of Ethical Leadership and Spirituality. His ability to translate scholarly research, practical experiences and lifelong observations into stories and narratives that can connect with and inspire other leaders, ordinary people and students is remarkable, and I think unique. Everyone will benefit from the work of WEFA which he has recently launched.”

—Walter E. Massey

President Emeritus Morehouse Retired Chairman, Bank of America

“Dr. Walter E. Fluker is a remarkable facilitator of learning. His presentation style is part storyteller, part wise elder, and part spiritual scholar. Over the years I worked with him in the Georgia School Superintendents Association Professional Development Programs, he consistently challenged aspiring school superintendents with engaging learning experiences. The topic was Ethical Leadership; the learning was a deeper self-awareness and an appreciation for the knowledge and humility required to negotiate life’s many intersections. It is a gift to learn from him and a gift to know him.”

—Debra Harden, Ed. D.

Leadership Consultant and Former Professional Development Director, GSSA

“I am excited that through Walter Earl Fluker & Associates, business, civic, and other communities will benefit from a convergence and lessons on character, civility, integrity, empathy, hope and justice and compassion. Dr. Fluker’s college and university students benefitted from this important work, and now others will benefit from a practice and consciousness of ethical leadership. We need such awareness in our city, state, across our country and around the world.”

—Helen Smith Price

Retired President, The Coca-Cola Foundation & Vice President, Community Affairs, The Coca-Cola Company

“To say Dr. Walter Fluker is one of the world’s preeminent scholars on leadership would be a woeful understatement. Perhaps one the wisest people I have had the privilege of knowing and teaching alongside, Walter’s deeply humanistic concern for the world is surpassed only by the technical acumen he employs daily to make it a better place. I highly recommend his services and insights to any leader in civil society interested in improving their organization’s outcomes and culture.”

—Dr. Chris Howard

President, Robert Morris University

“Ethics needs to be the hub of any leadership engagement and yet all too often leaders don’t have the opportunity or time to explore the ethical landscape. As our culture evolves, an understanding of how to set a framework for and actual ethical leadership is critical. Working with Walter Fluker on issues related to ethical leadership has made me a more impactful, and better leader and a more curious and informed person.”

—Caren Croland Yanis

Caren– Philanthropy Advisor

“Recent events have brought into particularly sharp relief how crucial not just effective, but also ethical leadership is for our communities, companies, and countries. Walter Fluker's deeply thoughtful approach is born out of profound understanding and compassion; and recognizes the deep-seated strength of character required to 'stay the path' in difficult times. I remain thoroughly impressed by Walter's approach to leadership and individual capacity- building.”

—Nancy Smith

Director of Philantrophy and Development, Salzburg Global Seminar, Austria

“I believe that Professor Fluker is correct in much of what he says especially when he draws attention to ‘a nihilistic threat promoted by the predominance of a utilitarian individualism that appeals endlessly to therapeutic remedies that begin and end with self’, rather than the community. If indeed Professor Fluker is correct, this should alert the Young Emerging Leaders to the difficult challenge they face to respond to the observation he makes that, ‘In order for a just civil society to exist, persons in responsible leadership roles must make decisions based on ethical guides.’”

—Thabo Mbeki

former President of the Republic of South Africa

“For years Dr. Fluker’s extraordinary gifts have blessed the academy. He is known world-wide for his expertise in Ethical Leadership, his primary research on the Papers of Howard Thurman and his continued scholarship on the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. I am delighted that now, those same resources are available to a wider audience through Walter Earl Fluker & Associates. Businesses will be able to avail themselves of ethical and organizational leadership training, as well as Race Equity and Justice Training. The next generation will have access to Pre-College preparation, and those of us who can’t get enough of Howard Thurman will be able to attend seminars, workshops and retreats that deepen our spiritual resources. For this and for his ethical example, I am grateful.”

—Barbara A. Holmes J.D., Ph.D.

Core Faculty, Center for Action and Contemplation, President Emerita of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

“I have produced dozens of documentary films and as a result worked with countless ‘experts’ in their fields. I have come to appreciate how rare it is to find someone who is not only totally versed in his/her area of study but able to communicate information in a thoughtful, engaging way so the audience immediately feels comfortable and ready to take the risk, expand their horizons and ultimately change the world...That is Walter Earl Fluker.”

–Martin Doblmeier

Emmy-Award winning filmmaker (Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story)

“Underlying Walter Fluker's skill at communicating important theory and drawing upon a wide variety of academic resources, is his approachability, his love of students, and an unwavering commitment to the blend of leadership, spirituality, ethics, and racial justice. He invites students to consider what it is like to be leading in these complex and polarizing times, helping them to craft their personal narratives as a key asset as they enter into the intersection of contemporary life. I heartily recommend him as a guide, resource, compelling speaker, and facilitator of important discussions for twenty-first century leaders.”

—The Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, D.D.

Executive Director, National Association of Episcopal Schools

“Dr. Fluker was an ideal presenter and resource for our students and our program. Many terms after Dr. Fluker‘s presentation to our students, they were still quoting him in their written work, in discussions, and in the kinds of questions they asked me and their colleagues. Faculty started calling it the “Fluker impact.” In a natural and engaging manner, Walter provoked students to dig deeper in their understanding of what it means to be ethical and more specifically what is the nature of an ethical leader. . . Walter Fluker has much to offer as a scholar, teacher, pastor, and role model. There is definitely a “Fluker” impact” from his engagement with students and institutions. He is a good speaker, at once knowledgeable, easy to comprehend, funny, engaging, and inspiring. We plan to have him back with us again and again. He enriches and expands our learning.”

–Betty J. Overton, Ph.D.

Professor, Ethical & Creative Leadership Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program, Union Institute and Former Director of the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good at the University of Michigan

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