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About Our Work

The mission of Walter Earl Fluker & Associates (WEFA) is to identify, recruit and train a new generation of ethical leaders who are spiritually disciplined, intellectually astute, morally anchored, emotionally and socially whole. 

WEFA’s primary objective is to present a model of ethical leadership wherein participants and clients are inspired and empowered to create and foster local, national and international environments of character, civility and community.

Our work is founded on the values and principles of what Martin Luther King, Jr. called “the Beloved Community” and Howard Thurman called "the search for common ground." Thus, we believe that the goal of all human strivings is finally realized in the flourishing of human relationships based on integrity, empathy, hope; recognition, respect and reverence; and courage, justice and compassion.

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The Beloved Community has been a long-standing staple for understanding the significance of diversity and culture in our society and the world. More specifically, our work in creating the Beloved Community addresses the significant issues and challenges confronting leaders from many different backgrounds, cultures, and communities. We believe that diversity is not the simple amalgamation of race, ethnicity, gender, and class, but covers a broad and complex spectrum of difference borne of cultural origins, class locations, ways of learning, and most important for our purposes, ways of interacting and relating to “the other”.

The main goal of ethical leadership programs in cross-sector organizational training is to introduce a curricular infusion strategy that is based on three critical concepts, the development of character, civility and community among leaders.

Our training uses narrative (story) and dramaturgy (performance), which are theories of social interaction that emphasize how leadership takes place in social situations and works to produce specific and efficient ethical outcomes. In addition, we utilize case studies on education, social entrepreneurship, criminal justice, gun violence, social epidemics, solution-driven strategies, ethical decision-making and conflict resolution as means of addressing some of the most complicated ethical issues.

Aesthetic expression is used to stimulate consciousness and to encourage new perspectives on existing problems. Through art and storytelling, we facilitate self-awareness, mutuality and respect for others and purpose-driven leadership that creatively engages the complexity and multidimensional issues of ethical reasoning in various contexts.

Dr. Fluker serves as Dean’s Professor of Spirituality, Ethics, and Leadership at Candler School of Theology at Emory University; Professor Emeritus of Ethical Leadership (formerly the Martin Luther King, Jr Chair) and at Boston University the editor of the Howard Thurman Papers Project

Professor Fluker developed a Massive Online Operating Course (MOOC) entitled Ethical Leadership: Character, Civility and Community that launched on May 24, 2016. Over 14,000 participants around the globe engaged the course which explores theoretical and practical elements of ethical leadership through engagement with prominent leadership theorists and leaders in the areas of education, business, science, government, philanthropy, and global citizenship.

He was founding executive director of the Leadership Center (renamed the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership) and the Coca-Cola Professor of Leadership Studies at Morehouse College.

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